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Stylish Look, Sharper Vision: Prodigy features digital progressive lenses that include a no-line multifocal to correct near, intermediate and distance vision. Prodigy is designed for individuals experiencing eye fatigue while reading or using the computer, and can reduce the risk of eye strain and blurred vision.   

Prodigy Lens Brands

Prodigy Vue

(compensated RX)

  • Premium progressive lens design with superior comfort and rapid adaptation
  • Allows for natural eye movement
  • Provides sharp viewing in any direction
  • Minimized blurring or “swim effect” experience with traditional progressive designs
  • Takes into consideration:
    • Wrap angle
    • Back vertex distance
    • Pantoscopic tilt
  • Recommended for experienced presbyope

Prodigy Ultra

(compensated RX)

  • Wider viewing areas for plus prescriptions
  • Improved distance area for minus prescriptions
  • Improved image quality in principal viewing
    • Wrap angle
    • Back vertex distance
    • Pantoscopic tilt
  • Recommended for experienced presbyope


(compensated RX)

  • Combines a soft design with wide distance, intermediate and reading areas
  • Low distortion
  • Recommended for first time progressive wearers

Prodigy Drive

(compensated RX)

  • Designed with keeping specific vision requirements during driving in mind
  • Wide and clear distance vision
  • Improved middle distance vision compared to the progressive designs for reading the dashboard and seeing in mirrors
  • Recommended for people who drive more than 4 hours a day

Prodigy Computer

(compensated RX)

  • For use in an office type environment
  • Reduces eye and neck strain associated with long term use of computers
  • Recommended for people who are on the computer more than 3 hours a day

Prodigy Fatigue

(compensated RX)

  • Avoids the patients’ eyes becoming tired and strained if they spend a large portion of the day focusing at the same distance (working on electronics: ipads, computers, etc.)
  • Has an addition of 0.66D
  • Recommended for patients who are sensitive to light, glare or artificial light


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